11 Advantages of Using an Antivirus Software – Importance of Online Security

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Advantages of Using an Antivirus Software – Importance of Online Security

Advantages of Using an Antivirus Software – Importance of Online Security

Antivirus software is a data protection utility installed on a computer system for the purpose of protecting against viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, Trojans, phishing attacks, spam attacks, and other online cyber threats.

A virus is any non-essential program that enters a user’s system without their knowledge. It can Self-adaptation and spread. It performs unwanted and malicious actions affecting system performance and user data/files. A computer virus can be considered a disease of the computer, just like human viruses that cause disease in humans.

Antivirus Software

And what about Antivirus?

An Antivirus software, as the name suggests, is a program that works against a virus. It detects or recognizes the virus, and after detecting the presence of the virus, it works to remove it from the computer system. Anti-virus software acts as a preventative, which not only eliminates a virus but also prevents it from infecting your computer in the future.

Antivirus software requirement

Antivirus Software

A system without an antivirus is like a house with an open door. An open and unsecured door attracts intruders and thieves to your home. Similarly, an unprotected computer eventually invites all viruses into the system. An antivirus will act as a closed door with a security guard on your computer to protect it from all malicious intruders. So, are you opening your door to intruders?

The damage a virus can do to your computer

If a virus attacks your computer, it can affect your computer in the following ways:

  • Slow down the computer
  • Damage or deletion of files
  • Reformat the hard drive
  • Frequent computer crashes
  • Data loss
  • Inability to do any work on computer or internet

Antivirus software is like a bright light in a world full of dark viruses. The advantages they offer are innumerable. Some of the most notable advantages are:

Protection from viruses and their transmission

Protection from viruses

Antivirus software mainly serves a preventive function. It detects any potential virus and works to remove it. Remember that all this is done before the virus infects the system. So, this means that most viruses are countered before they do any damage to your system. An antivirus can fight many viruses in one day without you even knowing it. Avast and Norton are some of the most popular antivirus software on the market these days.

If a virus has attacked your system, you can transfer it to your friends, family, and networks. So, if you want to protect your computer system as well as the computers of your acquaintances, consider getting an antivirus.

Block spam and ads

Protection from viruses

If you do a quick survey of how viruses get into their victims’ computer systems, you’ll be surprised at the proportion of viruses that use pop-up ads and websites to get into your computer. Pop-up ads and spam websites are the most used portals by viruses to infect your computer and then damage your files.

Software like Bullguard Internet Security works against ads and websites containing these malicious viruses by blocking direct access to your computer network.

Protection from hackers and data thieves

Protection from hackers and data thieves

Hackers usually use malware or a virus program to gain access to their victim’s computer. They install malware on the computer without the victim’s knowledge. Hackers do this by sending malicious emails to victims. Then the hacker can easily hack their desired files and programs.

After that, they can use the victim’s data as they wish; They can delete or damage it and then steal it for ransom. Antimalware like Malwarebytes either puts an antihacking lock or regularly scan the computer network to find out if there are any hackers or hacker-based programs. Hence, antivirus software provides full-proof protection against hackers.

Removable accessories ensure safety

Removable accessories ensure safety

Think about the times you transferred data to and from your computer using removable devices like USBs. Countless, right?

You might have suffered your computer slow down or computer crash after connecting a friend’s USB. Have you ever wondered why that happened? This is because the USB or removable device acted as a transmission device for a virus. So, should you stop using removable devices because you don’t know which USB might contain a virus?

No! Get anti-virus software that scans all removable devices for any potential viruses to make sure no virus is transmitted.

Protects your data and files

Protects your data and files

Antivirus software keeps an eye on all files entering your system. All those files are kept under a scan to check for any peculiarity or maliciousness. Viruses can easily be transmitted to your network through infected files, and these can damage your data and files. You may even lose your valuable data completely at the hands of such viruses.

An Avira software solution ensures that your data and files are adequately protected.

Supercharge your PC

Supercharge your PC

Imagine two computers side by side

One suffers from the consequences of a virus attack, such as slow processing speed and frequent crashes. The other is antivirus protection. Which of the two has better speed?

Definitely the one with antivirus. That’s because the computer has no problems because the antivirus stopped the virus before it could do any real damage. Some antiviruses may even delete and remove useless files from unknown sources to free up disk space to speed up the computer.

Firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks


A firewall, in general, monitors traffic coming in and out of your computer network. When combined with antivirus, firewall protection double-checks every file or piece of data you send or transfer from your computer to another network over the Internet.

The same goes for files and data you receive from an external network. You may unknowingly open a malicious website or email and fall victim to a phishing attack. A phishing attack occurs when attackers specifically target your login credentials, credit card information, or other personal information/data. Such an attack can result in significant financial loss or personal leaks. Two-way firewall protection from antivirus software like Avast blocks and removes such emails or files that can harm you in any way.

Limit the access of websites to enhance web protection

web protection

Accessing unauthorized websites can expose your computer system to several cyber threats including spyware, hackers, and ransomware. These threats can put your data and files at risk. Anti-virus software restricts your web access to limit your activity on unauthorized networks. This is done to make sure that you only access websites that are safe and harmless to your computer system.

Keeping an eye on kids

Keeping an eye on kids

The biggest headache for parents at this advanced age is that their children can access anything good or bad or openly use the internet.

Parents cannot always keep an eye on what their children are doing on the computer. And they can’t always teach their kids about the good and bad web because kids get angry easily. Antivirus software can be the solution for such worried parents. It can provide a monitoring tool where you can keep track of your children’s activities in a safe yet efficient manner. Anti-virus software provides you with proper logs of your child’s activities. ESET is one of the leading antiviruses that offer parental controls.

Protects your password

Protects your password

You protect your valuable data and accounts with a password, so you think your data and accounts are protected.

Someone steals your passwords using a virus

The password thief can then blackmail you for ransom or use your password to access sensitive information. In addition to using an antivirus, you can also think about using a password manager for better security.



Most antivirus software is very cheap. Monthly or annual packages offered by antivirus product companies are cheaper. If you consider the various services that come with the premium package of antivirus, you will surely think that the cost they offer is quite low.

Besides, if you are low on budget and don’t want to spend money to buy the premium version of antivirus, you can get free antivirus.

Your computer without antivirus software

A virus attack can cause as much damage as forcing you to buy a new computer because your old computer is damaged beyond repair. Not having a security mechanism on your computer system is like inviting viruses into your computer by providing clear and accessible access.

Have you ever wanted to damage your computer with your own hands? Otherwise, get anti-virus software as soon as possible so you can use your computer without fear of a virus attack.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the advantages of computer viruses?

Computer viruses are in trend, it’s cool to have a virus on your computer. They ensure proper use of your computer’s resources, see you could easily fill up a 1TB drive with a virus, but you’ll never do that. They test the breaking point of the computer, by installing viruses you can test how many viruses the computer can withstand.

How does an antivirus protect your device?

Antivirus software protects your device from viruses that can destroy your data, slow down or crash your device, or allow spammers to send email through your account. Antivirus protection scans your files and your incoming e-mail for viruses and then deletes anything malicious.

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