Easy Methods to Troubleshoot LG G Watch

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troubleshoot LG G Watch

troubleshoot LG G Watch

LG and Google released LG G Watch, on June 25, 2014. It is an Android based smartwatch. If you are a LG G Watch user, you might have experienced some problems with it, just like other brands. We are going to talk about some common problems and easy ways to troubleshoot LG G Watch.

The battery is not working properly

Your LG G Watch might not be working properly or the battery might be died quickly. If not your battery might not be charged. If you have got any of these issues with your watch’s battery, here is the reasons for them and the way to troubleshoot LG G Watch.

troubleshoot LG G Watch

1. Faulty power adapter

Faulty power adapter can be caused for this issue. If you have not plugged your power adapter into a working outlet, your watch won’t be charging. Check whether your adaptor’s power light is on or off, when it’s charging. If it is on, which means your watch is charging. If your watch still doesn’t charge , which means your power adapter should be faulty.

2. Faulty battery

Your LG G Watch battery should last 36 hours normally. If not, which means your watch is not charged fully. It needs 1 our to be fully charged. But if your battery getting more time than it, it means your battery or USB cable and ac adapter needs to be replaced. Because they should have reached the end of them life.

3. Charging pins are corroded

If the charging pins are corroded, the result will be your phone not charging properly and it won’t received enough power supply to charge it either.  Follow LG G Watch/Charging Pin Replacement guide to troubleshoot LG G Watch in such situations.

The watch doesn’t fit properly

Watch needs to be fit on wrist, not only LG G Watch but also any other kind of brand. If your watch won’t stay on your wrist, you watch’s wrist band might be broken or damaged. Before taking a action, please make sure if your watch doesn’t fit on your wrist, by wearing it some time. If the wrist band is causing issues, then replace it.

troubleshoot LG G Watch

Display Problems

Some of common display problems and ways to troubleshoot LG G Watch are given below.

1. Touch screen is broken or not responding

If your watch’s touch screen is broken or if it is cracked, the only troubleshooting way is to replace it. Follow the LG G Watch/Screen Replacement guide to get some idea.

2. Screen displays distorted images

The LG G Watch has 1.65 IPS LCD display screen. You might have experienced the screen shows random color patterns or a distorted image, when its malfunctioning. In such situations, you need to replace your watch’s display screen.

Water Damage

If water has gone inside of the LG G Watch, the internal parts of the water can be damaged. Some of damages and the way ways to troubleshoot LG G Watch are given below.

troubleshoot LG G Watch

1. Damaged gasket

The gasket in your your watch needs to be free form water or dust. If water comes inside of the watch, it can harm to the gasket. Gasket won’t work properly after then. If this happens you need to replace gasket in your watch.

2. Battery has short circuited

If your watch won’t turn on, after water contacts with your watch, you watch’s battery must be short circuited. If tis is the problem, you need to replaced the battery.

3. Motherboard has short circuited

If your watch turned off just after it is turned on, the reason should be short circuited motherboard. In such situations, you need to replace your watch’s motherboard.

If you have got any of above issues with your watch, you would be able to get some ideas about how to troubleshoot LG G Watch trough this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an LG smart watch do?

LG smart watch allows you to check notifications like emails, texts, updates and many more without having to check your smartphone. The LG smart watch runs on Android Wear OS. The watch can organizes all your information and it will lets you to set reminders, alarms also.

How do I pair my LG watch to my phone?

You can pair your LG smart watch easily with your phone. Firstly open the Android Wear app on your phone. From here you need to follow the onscreen instructions. If you have not turned on Bluetooth, you can turn it on in here. Then you would be able to see a list of nearby devices. Find your LG watch’s name and tap on it. Now you can pair your LG smart watch with your phone.

How do I add apps to my LG G watch?

Firstly you need to install Android Wear app on your phone from play store. Go to its main menu. Then tap on Browse suggested apps. Now you can choose apps you want and tap on them. Next select install. You need to give permission in here. Tap on accept and download. Finally tap connect. Now its finish the process of installing apps you want.


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