For a large home, the top 5 robot window cleaners for 2022

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Imagine having to clean your windows if you own a costly home or live on the 15th floor of an apartment complex. They receive hours-long exposure to several liters of filthy water during the rainy season. Because they were created with this sort of maintenance requirement in mind, high-tech window cleaning robots are the perfect solution for maintaining glass surfaces.

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The window washer combines automatic motion with the most recent cleaning technologies. It sticks to the window and automatically cleans the whole surface using a motor-powered suction. The lofty windows that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own may be cleaned by the robot.



Virtually any style of window may be cleaned by robotic window cleaners. Some have the bare minimum of characteristics, while others have different height limitations, cleaning procedures, and capacities. These window cleaners range in complexity; some can wash your windows while you’re at work, while others let you set a timeframe.


There may be several cleaning modes available on your robot window cleaner. These often include the cleaning paths or motion directions.


The two primary mechanisms used in robotic window washing are suction and magnetism.



Some robotic window washers may additionally utilize a squeegee to ensure that your windows are streak-free, while brushes or cleaning cloths are the most common instruments used.


These devices might last more than 30 minutes or less than 15 minutes, depending on the type you have.

Cleaning Cloths: Dry or Wet

This is one of the characteristics that sets more costly models apart from less expensive ones. On the other hand, more expensive machines frequently come with microfiber cleaning cloths for both dry and wet cleaning.


A window cleaning robot with a power cord is an option. Find one with a long enough cord so you can roam around your house comfortably.

In conclusion, these gadgets are fantastic, but there are a few aspects you might want to take into account before purchasing a robot. Battery life, connection, controls, cleaning modes, and cleaning pad kinds are a few of them.


1. The smart robotic auto window cleaner for cleaning glass, the COP ROSE X5P


Cop Rose Window Cleaning Robot X5P is appropriate for a variety of hard, smooth surfaces, including floors, desks, mop, frosted, wood, walls, tile, and windows (with or without frames). 12 pieces of cleaning cloth may be exchanged for free. Strong adsorption and a very absorbent cleaning cloth can remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from oil stands. Intelligent window washing, with three automated directions that clean the entire window.

There are three cleaning modes: left to right, up to down, or right to left. Auto stop after the task is finished, and before usage, please keep the pads moist. It will be a useful tool for you. After the AC power is turned off, the built-in Undisturbed Power System continues to operate for 30 minutes. Auto-detect window frames, anti-drop control design.


This is a fantastic window cleaning tool. It is a clever self-contained robot. Put the product on the window, plug in the power cable, and then turn the robot on. It’s staying. then just press the remote button. It will finish the task. Additionally, this item includes four sets of washable replacement mop cloths. Use it again after switching to a clean towel to guarantee the outcome.


  • Automated Water Spray – Designed with an ultrasonic water spray nozzle (40ml water tank), this glass cleaning equipment cleans your windows more completely and cleanly without the need for manual water spraying.
  • DEEP CLEAN – Home equipment, multi-surface cleaning robots, window cleaning robots It has an internal vacuum motor that enables him to stand on the glass surface and suction air. Compatible with all types of glass, flat surfaces such as walls and floors, tables, windows, and floors.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – The powerful vacuum adsorption capacity is up to 5.6K Pa, making it unnecessary to climb hazardous ladders. It also features a professional safety rope, automatic detection of window frames and obstacles, an intelligent calculation path, and another 20 minutes of absorption protection when switched off.
  • HIGHRISE CLEANING-This window cleaning robot is undoubtedly terrific assistance; it makes living more comfortable, practical, and safe while also making cleaning windows more enjoyable and time-efficient. With a reach of 6 meters (20 feet), this window cleaner robot can easily clean highrise buildings. (4M/13ft extension cord with 2M/7ft adaptor cord) Remote control: The full window may be cleaned automatically in three directions using the auto mode.


How well this worked for the price amazed me. It truly fulfills its purpose. Keep in mind that if the pads or windows are excessively moist, the vehicle won’t move. It requires the hold. No complaints. simple to use constructed stably. The pads may also be cleaned.


AlfaBot Window Cleaner Robot will do automatic cleaning, eliminating the need to climb risky ladders to clean tall or difficult-to-reach building windows outside. Additionally, the cleaner may be manually operated in one of three remote control modes: automatic up and down, automatic left and down, and automatic right and down.

AlfaBot’s window cleaner can wash softly without scratching thanks to its two wheels that allow it to move around freely on a wall or window surface. Strong 5KG/11LB vertical suction! adopts German vacuum motor technology, allowing the robot to stand on the glass surface and suction air. The glass cleaner can be securely kept on the vertical surface thanks to the motor’s strong suction.

Built-in AI technology in the smart window cleaning system will identify window frames and other obstructions. The best cleaning path should be calculated and programmed for optimum effectiveness. There’s no need to endanger your safety by scaling precarious ladders to clean tall or difficult-to-reach building windows outside.

When the little appliance loses power or suction, a 4-meter Safety line prevents it from falling. When the AC power is cut off, an internal UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) maintains the gadget working for 20 to 25 minutes and stops the robot from tumbling out of the window.


This little robot performs rather well. Although it isn’t flawless, it is better than I had expected. On larger windows, I discovered that spraying the glass 8 to 10 inches in front of its course and repeating as it descended was helpful. You might anticipate a clean window with minimal effort, but be prepared to clean tiny areas where it terminates the work and to go into corners yourself. The pads’ longevity is in doubt, but perhaps replacements are simple to locate.


Why You Should Choose the W120-T: Intelligent cleaning routes, Clean your high-rise windows in a safe and helpful way; Provides you with a novel window cleaning method; Third strategic square robot window cleaner with elegant design and good performance; The 10 Best Smart Devices of IFA 2018; Offers You A New Way Of Window Cleaning.

Simple Operation: There are three easy methods to control your robot: APP, One-Touch Key, and Remote. AI Smart Cleaning Modes: Several smart modes that are more effective than you would have anticipated, in patterns of Z, N, or Z- to- N. Square Shape Covers More: W120-T covers up to 99% of the glass surface; returns to its original position after the completion of the task.

Mico Fabric Cloth with a special pattern that won’t scratch the surface of the glass; available for tabletop surfaces, glass with and without a frame, and smooth floors and walls. Multiple Safety Levels Guaranteed: fitted with many directions of anti-falling sensors and a sturdy safety rope; The robot’s built-in UPS battery enables it to suck on windows for 20 minutes and sends out alerts in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Multi-condition Use the W120-T to clean the interior and exterior windows of high-rise structures and establishments, as well as the bathroom windows and other flat surfaces like marble or ceramic walls.


Despite having two sliding doors and four sizable windows, I can’t reach all of the surfaces. I recently purchased the Mamibot W120-T after doing some research on window robot vacuums. In addition to the Mamibot W120-T, the box contained a 2 piece cloth mop/charging set, a remote control, and an instruction booklet. I use remote control and an Apple phone Bluetooth app to control the robot. With little functional differences, both performed admirably.

5. Window cleaner robot, Coayu CW902

The Coayu Window robotic vacuum cleaner can fully clean the windows thanks to its revolutionary bottom mopping pad design, high-efficiency cleaning technology, and washable microfiber pad. The Coayu CC902 Window robot vacuum cleaner has powerful vibration and suction, five edge detecting sensors, one button clean, and safety-assured operating.

A full smart CC902 window cleaner with remote control, a wireless remote control that can do a variety of tasks, a zigzag cleaning path, a speed that can reach 4.5 meters per minute, and a quick charging time that can save more for cleaning in hazardous areas Cute cleaning robot is perfect for mopping a variety of surfaces, including horizontal frame and frameless windows, sliding glass doors, tables, walls, floors, high buildings, and so on.


superb work Utilization is easy. 100% cleaning assistance in a home with several windows and mirror-and-glass doors! I find it to be quite straightforward and easy! COAYU CW902 Robotic Window Cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of cleaning agents do window washers use on windows in tall buildings?

Squeegees. Squeegees are tools used by window cleaners to clean skyscraper windows. Hard rubber blades with brass, steel, or molded plastic handles are features of squeegees. The blades that catch water and debris are moved down and off the window glass by cleaners.

What window washing technique is the most effective?

In a spray bottle, combine 1 part distilled vinegar with 10 parts warm water. Before applying your solution, wipe the window down with a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel to eliminate any dust. Then, spray the whole surface.

How does a robot wash windows?

Robot window cleaners travel around and clean your windows or other glass surfaces, such as sliding glass doors or mirrors, using suction force. They include built-in sensors that allow them to clean windows automatically, working without any input or controls, or they may be controlled remotely.

Are window-cleaning robots effective?

Robotic window cleaners can indeed perform a good job. A robotic window cleaner adheres to your window with the use of suction, then moves around the glass using a microfiber cloth to clean it. Robotic window cleaners are particularly helpful in homes and offices where it may be challenging to reach all areas of the window glass.

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