How To Clear Opera Browser Cache on PC

Clear Opera Browser Cache

Clear Opera Browser Cache

Opera Browser store some temporary files like images, and multimedia content in your computer, from sites that you visited. Those files help you to load sites quickly and they are called cache. Cache is important but it caused for slow down your computer also. Therefore it’s better to clear them, if you no need of them. In this tutorial we are going to discuss about how to clear Opera browser cache on PC. It’s just few steps and you can do it quickly.

What is a Cache and Why need to Clear Opera Browser Cache?

As we mentioned before, when you visit any site using Opera browser, it store site data as temporary files in your computer. The location of these files are called cache. They are important. When you visit those sites again, browser use caches instead of downloading. For example, there can be images cached from websites in your computer. If you re visit those sites browser won’t take time to download those images. It will use temporary files instead.

There are some advantages of using these temporary files. If you got internet latency issues like poor internet connection, cache helps to lord websites faster. There are disadvantages like making your computer slow down also. Those disadvantages make you to clear cache. Some reasons for clearing cache data are given below.

  • Freeing Up Hard Drive Space: Temporary Internet files take space from your computer hard drive. When time pass by it can be many gigabyte of space. Deleting those files, can free some space in your computer.
  • Clearing Bad Coding from Websites: Your computer store bad codes from websites. If you are having errors when you trying to visit any particular page, this can be the reason. Clearing cache can fix this issue.
  • Keeping Your Browsing History Private : When someone access to your computer, they can see all your search history. Clearing entire cache will delete your search history also. Then no one access into it.

Clearing the Opera Browser Cache on a PC

Firstly open the Opera Browser in your computer. There is a Opera logo at the top left. You can see a list of controls for the browser.

Clear Opera Browser Cache

Click on the settings option. New window will be opened.

Clear Opera Browser Cache

Scroll down to the bottom. There is an option called Advanced. Click on it. You can find the Opera cache location.

Advanced option

Click on the Clear browsing data button.

Clear browsing data

By default, Opera selects all three options in this basic tab. You can delete the cookies and site data, history of sites you visit and all cached images and files on your computer. Select what want to delete and click on Clear data. If you want to delete data which belongs to some time range, you can do it too.

Clear data

There is another tab called Advanced. It gives you some additional options. In here, you can target specific types of data that you want to delete from Opera’s cache.

Clear Opera Browser Cache

It takes some time to clear Opera browser cache on your PC. It depends on the number of files you have stored in the hard drive. It can take a few seconds or several minutes.

Maintaining the Browsing Experience in Opera

Temporary Internet files that have be saved in the hard drive of your computer can improve the experience of surfing through the internet. But remove those gives you some benefits also. For example you can download the most current files, imagery and data from the sites that you visit. Take some time and clear opera browser cache on PC. It will save useless data that has been taken by internet files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find cookies in Opera?

Open Opera browser and the site settings will be at the right side of the screen. Click on it. Next go to the “Cookies and site data” from the Permissions list of the options. An area called “Cookies and site data” will be opened. There will be an entry called “See all cookies and site data”. Click on it. Now you can see all cookies in Opera browser.

Is clearing cache the same as clearing cookies?

In most browsers, clearing the cache and clearing cookies are located in the same place. But cache and cookies are not the same thing. They are different from each other. Cache stores files downloaded directly from the websites that you visited. For example it stores fonts, and images.

Can deleting cookies cause problems?

Deleting the cookies can give you faster internet access. But it cause slower access to the sites that you visit frequently. The reason is, the information contained in the cookie helps the page to load quickly. If you clear cookies it will take some time to load websites than before.

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