Smartwatch Problems and Fixes

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smartwatch problems

smartwatch problems

Smartwatches have become a part of a life in today people. But what happens if you have got any problems with your Smartwatch. In this article, we are gonna talk about four common smartwatch problems and fixes for them.

smartwatch problems

1.Battery Drain

This is the most common Smartwatch Problem. Smartwatch’s battery drains quickly. If you have linked your Smartwatch with a device like smart phone, your smart phone’s battery also can be drained. The reason is it relying on your phone’s memory. Smartwatches are worked with that memory’s help.

You can fix this by disabling apps that you don’t use. Go to your watch’s settings and you can make any changes you want in here. Brightness also caused for this problem. You can also fix it in here. And turn off any features that you don’t need. Because features that running in the background caused for this issue. If these changes are not enough, you can start to use battery extension pack. You can carry it anywhere you go and you can charge your watch easily.

smartwatch problems

2.Sketchy Voice Control

Voice control problems are another common smartwatch problems with any brand of Smartwatches. Sometimes it doesn’t listen to your words, it can hear a word wrong, or it doesn’t understand what you said at all. This issue can be fixed. But not as much as other issues.

To fix this issue you can keep background sound to a minimum level and try command with different voice tones and volumes. If these experiments didn’t work, you have to operate the watch manually from the professional. This is one of the common issue in every smartwatch. Therefore they have introduced a easy way to command.  You can set up shortcut message replies. All you need to do is tap to send them. This is faster and you don’t need to use voice command.

3.Touch Screen Problems

If you drop your watch or if you expose it to the water, this type of smartwatch problems can be happened. Sometimes, water resistant smartwatch also face this issue after expose to water. If touch screen problems happen after you dropped your phone into the water, you need to take your phone to the professional. If water goes into the deeper, the damage will be serious. Therefore be hurry and take it to the professional.

If you have got this type of smartwatch problems, because of any other reasons, you can fix them by yourself. Firstly you need to check the screen is clean and free it from dust. Because dusty screen would not be worked properly. The next thing you need to consider is the temperatures that you using your smartwatch. Because too cold and too hot  temperatures can be caused for this. Cold fingers also not works for your device. Therefore warm it up and then try again. If this problem happens after you installed some app, the problem can be with that app. Therefore uninstall it and check your screen again.

smartwatch problems

4.Lost Data

If you back up your data, after getting a new pone what would be if still there is a data loss? This is another common issue that smartwatch users face. First of all you need to unpair your apple watch from your old iPhone. If you didn’t do this unpairing step, you will lost your data. After that you can back up your data and then reconfigure your watch to work with your new phone. If you have already lost your data, go to the professional and they will recover your data. This guide will help you to get some idea about smartwatch problems and fixes for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any smartwatch work with any phone?

All smart phones not work wit all smartwatches. Most smartwatches are compatible with an IOS or an Android device. Sometimes it can be work wit both operating systems. Some smartwatches have their own operating systems and they only work with specific devices of the same brand.

Can I leave my smart phone at home and use my Samsung watch?

No matter were you are. If you stay connected with your device, you can use your watch. Samsung Galaxy Smart phone users can enjoy true standalone experience wit the LTE connectivity. Using your smartwatch you can answer your calls, reply to text messages, use GPS mapping, listen music and many more. You can do all the tings without having your smart phone in your pocket, only using smart watch in your wrist.

What is the different between smartwatch and Fitbit?

There are lot of differences between this two. Fitness tracker is used for keep track of your health and exercise. Smartwatches can keep track of your health and exercise too. But there are many advanced features in the smartphone. You can answer your calls, reply to text messages, use GPS mapping, listen music and many more. It also keeps you connected by delivering notifications and updates.

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