The Best Free Windows 10 Repair Tools to Fix Any Problem

best free windows 10 repair tools

best free windows 10 repair tools

Are you having system problems in your PC? Here are some best free windows 10 repair tools that can fix any problems in your PC.

Windows 10 is actively used about a billion devices all over the world. It takes top place in the operating system market. It is also improving day by day. But it does not mean windows 10 operating system is perfect or it has no problem. The frequency of updates and patches proves it perfectly. But there is some tools you can use and fix any problems. Here are some best free windows 10 repair tools.

Your PC is updated or not?

First of all, you need to make sure that you have updated your PC to the latest version. If yes, now you can start install these best free windows 10 repair tools. The reason for that is some times updates can fix number of errors in your PC.

How you can know you have updates to be done or not. For it press Win + I to open the settings window and go to Update & Security > Windows Update. You can see here here If there is an update is pending. If there is you need to restart now. If there is any tabs you want in the browser, bookmark it and it won’t be lost. In addition to updating your system its better to check out the antivirus and computer security tools and rule out another common source of problems when using Windows 10 like malware.

Now lets take a look at the best free windows 10 repair tools.

1.IOBit Driver Booster

best free windows 10 repair tools

Windows 10 tries to handle driver updates, but it’ can not complete it perfectly. Sometimes some important driver updates are skipped. If you have a hardware issue, it’s better tp checking to see if you need to update your drivers.

Using a free driver update tool, you can check the status of Windows drivers. IOBit Driver Booster is one of the best Windows 10 driver update tools that claims over 1,000,000 drivers. Here are the steps you need to follow for using IOBit Driver Booster.

  1. Download and install IOBit Driver Booster. While you’re at it, be sure to deselect any additional software offered to you.
  2. Open IOBit Driver Booster. There will be three tabs. Which names are Outdated, Uptodate, and Action Center. Outdated and uptodate both tabs are self explanatory and contain lists of your system drivers and their status. The Action Center tab is used for download links for other IOBit utilities.
  3. Next select the outdated tab. There will be a Update Now button with red color. Clicking on it you can Update all drivers. If you wanna update individual drivers, scroll down and select ones you want. You can also choose to ignore any drivers if you want. Then you will be able to revert to their previous state. If not you can completely uninstall them. IOBit Driver Booster can automatically download and apply drivers to the system, but sometimes you need to reboot your system to complete the installation process.

Before updating your drivers It will create system restore point. It also have some options like automatically shut down or restart after the driver installation is completed.

Snappy Driver Installer

best free windows 10 repair tools

Snappy Driver Installer (SDI) can be used as an alternative for IOBit Driver Booster. It is a free and open source driver updater with a large collection of drivers that can be used offline. If Microsoft keeps Windows 10 up to date, sometimes drivers are delayed. These outdated drivers can be caused for issues in your PC.

Here is the way you can use it. Firstly go to the Snappy driver installer download page. Next download the SDI Lite version and unzip it and then run the SDI application. You can select Download Indexes Only then SDI will scan your computer to determine the drivers that are need to be updated or installed.

After this scanning process, it will give you a list of potential new drivers. Scroll down and select the drivers you want to install. If you want to install all click Select All in the options menu on the left. And then make sure to create a new restore point, after select Install.

The time that takes for download and update process, depend on the number of drivers being updated. After this download and installation process is completed you can restart you system.

2. FixWin 10 Software

FixWin 10 Software

FixWin 10 is one of the best Windows 10 repair tools. The most important thing is it is portable. You can use FixWin 10 to fix various operating system issues.

This program is divided into six sections. Each section represent problems with a specific component like File Explorer, System Utilities. Each section has at least ten fixes. Some times you need to reboot. You can know it when click the fix button. When you click it, if reboot is needed, the display will show it.

Solutions range from common irritations like the recycle bin icon falling automatically updating after emptying it. There is a section called The Additional Fixes. This section includes new but useful tweaks Restore the warning dialog box for Sticky Notes removal, while the Troubleshooter section directs you to the appropriate Windows 10 troubleshooter on your system. The built-in troubleshooters are sometimes the easiest option, at least before digging deeper into your system.

3.Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is from the same developer as FixWin10. There is a benefit because both programs share the same interface. FixWin 10 fixes Windows 10 problems and allows you to fix them. But Ultimate Windows Tweaker allows you to quickly enable, disable, hide or remove certain Windows features.

You can make the changes using the Windows 10 Settings app, Registry Editor, or Group Policy Editor. Ultimate Windows Tweaker puts all the options into neat sections that list relevant issues that you can quickly fix.

There will be a button named Create a restore point at the bottom left. Firstly click that button. Next highlight the changes that you want to make and then click Apply. Apply button at the bottom. You can restore Windows Photo Viewer from Windows 7 within one click in the Advanced section. More than 200 Windows 10 tweaks are available in here.

4.Windows Repair Software

Windows Repair Software

Windows Repair is a useful Windows 10 repair tool that can help you to fix many Windows 10 related problems. It is a free software. For maximum effect You need to start your PC in safe mode . The Windows Repair Tool has its own Safe Mode Reboot button. Using this button you can do a quick reboot.

There are many fixes you can do using this software like fixes in registry permissions, file permissions, Windows firewall settings, Winsock and DNS cache fixes, Windows update issues, and more. There is a repair process that automates the Windows Check Disk (chkdsk) and System File Checker (sfc) utilities. It will guide you in here.

Some times these don’t fix your problems. If you understand the risks and you know what you’re doing, there is a another option for you to fix issues. Go to the Repair tab. In this tab you have six options. Their is a button called Open Repairs. When you click it it will opens the repair panel with the many available fixes. There are some options for fix certain problems such as malware cleanup, corrupted file permissions, and Windows updates.

5.Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows operating system is a good one. But sometimes you have to face well documented irritations. Instead of using different tools to fix your operating system problems, you can use this Windows Repair Toolbox. It is really easy to use this all-in-one tool. There is no one who wants to spend money or time for get specific tools as for solutions to all the other PC problems that come up. Especially when there’s an all in one tools available.

There is a complete package with almost all the essential repair tools you need for your PC with Windows Repair Toolbox. When you open the application, you can see other tools organized into separate sections like Hardware, Repairs, Uninstaller and more. For example, if you have a PC full of generic Windows 10 errors, you have a lot of useful applications to choose from, available in the repair section. To use any of these applications just click on one of them and it will be downloaded. Now you can use it.

The tool also has other useful features. For example, the Malware Removal tab offers a variety of malware scanning and removal solutions. You can get RKill, Kaspersky, Microsoft and even Ccleaner all from here. There is a Run Unattended option. Using this option you can run a scan without downloading any specific tools. When thinking about all these facilities, its worth to download and use it to fix your PC’s problems. It is a one of best free windows 10 repair tools.

6. O&O ShutUp10

O&O ShutUp10

O&O Shutup is one of a best free windows 10 repair tools. Microsoft Windows 10 operating system has privacy issues. If it being improved since its 2015 release. But still there are some issues with tracking, telemetry, and data collection.

You might think its a necessary evil that OS development continues to manipulate user data. But the truth is you don’t have to give up your data anymore. Because there are various tools limit Microsoft and Windows 10 data collection trends. O&O ShutUp10 is one of them.

The program has nine sections that offer various privacy settings and many of them are not directly available in the operating system. ShutUp10 makes disable the invisible options as easy as flipping the many switches. This each option comes with a short description. Reading it you can get a idea about what you’re gonna disable and what features might be affected. When doing this you need to move slowly and check each one because there are downsides to disabling everything.

O&O ShutUp10 has a Apply Only Recommended Settings option. There is also have the Recommended and Somewhat Recommended Settings option and it goes even further.

How to fix Windows 10 issues?

These are some of the best free windows 10 repair tools we talked previously. These programs will solve almost all your Windows 10 problems. If there are many of free and paid programs that deal with various Windows issues, using above applications you can fix all your problems easily. You need to find the best one which suits your needs right now. But in some cases your Windows may not work as before if you try many tools. In such situations you have to go for a more powerful solutions like Windows restore or factory reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I repair windows 10 with command prompt?

You can repair windows 10 with command prompt. Firstly open Start and type command prompt and then search it. Then select it and run as administrator. Next type the command. the command is “sfc/scannow”. Next press the Enter. Sometimes SFC might not be able to fix the problem. Which means utility cannot get the necessary files from the windows image. It might have broken.

How do I factory reset windows 10?

You can do it within automatic repair. There will be the Advanced options in automatic repair blue screen. Click on it. Go to Troubleshoot> Advanced options> system restore. Next select the restore point which created before the blue screen appear. The system restore point will be created when it installs an update by the windows 10. Next click “Next”.

Does windows 10 repair itself?

The windows 10 operating system can repair its own software. Not only windows 10. All windows operating system has this ability. It repair its software with applications for the task bundled in every version since windows XP. Therefore you don’t have to waste money or time to fixing your machine anymore.

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