What Happens When You Drop Your Phone And How To Fix It

what happens when you drop your phone

what happens when you drop your phone

If you have dropped your phone, your phone can get damage both internally and externally. You might don’t know how to fixed damaged phone or what are the effects of dropping phone. In this article we are going to talk about what happens when you drop your phone and how to fix phone after being dropped.

What happens when you drop your phone on the floor?

Before knowing how to fix phone after being dropped, we should know what happens when you drop your phone. If you have dropped your phone on the floor, It can harm to your phone. Your phone’s can be cracked, chipped or scratched, the battery can be detach, or other internal parts in your device can be damaged. If you have to face such a incident you would not be able to claim it with your warranty. Because most manufacturers will void your warranty if you drop your phone and cause damages.

what happens when you drop your phone

If your phone’s screen is cracked after dropping, You might be able to fix it. You can get screen replaced. For this you can go for a repair shop. And also you can get a replacement screen by ordering online and you might be able to fix it yourself. If you have got insurance or a warranty, there is a chance to cover the cost of replacing the screen.

After drooping phone, you need to check both internal and external features. You can make a call, send a text message, and take a picture. If everything is good which means your phone has not damaged much. If you cannot do these things or any other things that you usually do using your phone, your phone’s internal parts might be damaged. You cannot fix them by warranty for sure. You will have to fix them with your money.

There are many types of internal damages that can be happened to your phone after being dropped. Loose battery is one of the common issue. It can also caused many other problems like decreased battery life and data loss. To fix loose battery problem, you need to go for a repair shop or replace new battery by yourself.

Your phone’s charging port can be damaged also. it will lead your phone to stop charging or charge very slowly. You can fix them by going for a repair shop or replacing the port by yourself.

what happens when you drop your phone

Another common type of internal damage is damaged motherboard. It also leads to more issues like your phone to overheat, drain the battery quickly, and turn off randomly. In such situations you cannot replace a new one because motherboards are very expensive.

If your phone got damaged, you might be able to get a claim by its warranty. If you are not sure that your phone has a warranty or not, you can check the manufacturer’s website or contact customer service. But most manufacturer’s do not claim for a physical damage. They only give claim for its hardware defects.

How much of my phone gets damaged if I drop it on the floor?

The damages of your phone, depends on the facts that how you drop it and how high the drop is. As an example, if you dropped your phone on the floor and it lands screen down, the screen can be cracked. If your phone dropped on its side, the damages will be lower. If its dropped its back, the damages will be even lower. If you dropped your phone from a higher position, your phone will be more damaged.

what happens when you drop your phone

How do I know my phone is damaged or not after dropping?

Follow below steps and you can know the fact that phone is OK after dropping.

  1. Firstly, check the screen for any cracks or damage. If there are any cracks, take your phone to a repair shop as soon as possible or try to replace it yourself.
  2. Next, check if the buttons on your phone are still working properly or not. If any of the buttons are not working, you need to replace the button.
  3. Third, check to see if your phone can charge or not. If your phone does not charge, there may be damage to the charging port take your phone to a repair shop.
  4. Next look out for any random shutdowns or restarts, If this happened it could be a sign of internal damage.
  5. Lastly, check for any other damage that can occur during the drop. If there is any other damage, take your phone to a repair shop to fix them.

Can dropping your phone cause internal damage?

We talked about the external damages like glass cracking, the screen shattering. External damages can be fixed. But the worst thing is internal damage. It depend on the fact that how you drop your phone, and what kind of surface it hits. Drooping phone to the floor can cause internal damages like loose battery, damage phone’s charging port, damage motherboard.

If your phone has damaged externally, you can know it by looking at it. But how would you know when it damaged internally. The best thing you can do is check phone from the professional. External damages can cover with the warranty. But external damages can not. If you have a insurance for your phone, you can claim it. Otherwise you will have to pay for the repairs by yourself.

Charging issues that can be happened after dropping your phone

Charging issues can be happened after dropping your phone. Some of the damages that caused for charging issues are given below.

  1. The charging port is damaged.
  2. The phone’s battery is damaged.
  3. The motherboard and charging circuitry are damaged.

If your phone is dropped when it’s plugged in, the charging port can be damaged. This can be caused the phone to stop charging. It also can be caused for charge intermittently. If something happened like this you need to take your phone to the professional for repairs. They will check and find issues and repair it.

Does dropping phone affect signal?

Dropping your phone not always cause for any significant damage that would impact your signal. But if your device damaged physically, signal loss or interference can be happened. It totally depend on the fact that how hard and how often you drop your phone. If you notice a decrease in signal strength or quality after dropping your phone, you can follow below steps to fix them.

Firstly check for any physical damage in the device like  cracks or chips in the hardware. If your hardware is damaged it can be effected for signal issues. Then try to restart your phone. It might help to get signal back. If it won’t work go to the professional and check your phone from them.

Common ways a phone can get damaged?

There are many ways that can be effected for the phone get damaged. Dropping your phone is one common way. If you dropped your phone to the floor, you phone can be cracked, chipped or scratched, the battery can be detach, or other internal parts in your device can be damaged. If you dropped your phone into the water like pool, beach, or toilet, it can be damaged also. If the water goes into the device internal parts your phone might not be worked.

Exposing to extreme heat or cold can also effect to your device. If you leave your phone in a hot place, the battery can expand and cause damage. If you take your phone out in freezing weather without a proper protection, the battery can be died more quickly.

what happens when you drop your phone

You can protect your phone from facing such incidents by using a good phone case and keeping it clean. It doesn’t matter how much you protect it. Accidents can be happened. Therefore its better to insurance your phone.

How to protect phone from damages?

You can buy a phone case and it will help you to prevent your phone from drops, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. But this is not enough. you must extra take care of it. Clear your phone case regularly with a soft, dry cloth. But don’t use any chemicals or abrasives. It can damage your phone’s screen and other delicate parts.

protect phone from damages

If you are not using your phone keep it in a safe place that won’t pushed around or dropped easily. If you are going to some place that your phone can be wetted like beach or pool, make extra care of it and make sure to not to get it wet.

We don’t know where and when accidents can be happened. Therefore its a good idea to get a insurance for your device. If your phone get damaged you can get a claim or fix it or replace new one. You don’t have to pay from your pocket. If you dropped your phone, do not worry. With a little bit of knowledge and some careful precautions, you would be able to minimize the risk of damage and keep your phone safe. It will prevent your phone from serious damage.

Be sure to get a good case and screen protector. Clean your phone regularly and keep it safe from extreme temperatures. They will help you to keep your phone safe. If it drops or get damaged, you can take it for the professional and fix it. In this article you can get some idea what happens when you drop your phone and how to fix damaged phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an iPhone survive a drop?

The iPhone can survive from short falls. Specially falls on to the wood, vinyl and carpeted floors. It might be hold up if it falls from a few feet. If it falls from less than 8 feet iPhone can stay undamaged of the most parts. Some can suffered minor scratching and pixel damage on the display. If it falls from 11 feet, iPhone 11s camera quit working. But iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max won’t break.

Is Samsung or iPhone more durable?

Samsung Galaxy S22 devices more breakable when its consider with iPhone 13. Samsung devices get more damages than iPhones when its fall from the same height. It have proved in few drop tests.

Is Gorilla glass unbreakable?

Gorilla glass is the phone screen that in today market that is unbreakable. It has 6’s claim to fame. It can be survived from the 15 drops onto hard surfaces from one meter or more than higher without breaking. It as been designed for long run.

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