The Best Electric Bikes Available Right Now

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The Best Electric Bikes

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The Best Electric Bikes: Designs are constantly improving, technology is becoming more reliable at all price points, and capabilities are expanding. You can find everything from foldin the Best Electric Bikes to fat-tire e-bikes, electric-assist road bikes, and a sea of commuter and city electric bikes, whether you want to buy online or from a retailer.

The Best Electric Bikes has exploded since it was freed from some of the traditional bike constraints such as weight and gearing. To make these reviews as informative as possible, we focus on lower to mid-priced options from brands that can purchase directly online though we did include a couple of recommendations for more expensive e-bikes that our team of bike testers ador.

E-Bikes Are Divided Into Three Types

Following the decision of which style of bike is best for you, the next major consideration is which class of e-bike is best for your needs. In the United States, there are three classes base on the type of assist and the speed at which the motor propels you.

The majority of the Best Electric Bikes classifie as class 1 or class 3. Class 1 bikes have a motor (maximum 750w) that helps you pedal up to 20 mph. Class 3, also known as “speed pedelecs,” can have up to a 750w motor (or 1 horsepower) and can assist you at speeds of up to 28 mph. Both are legal in most states and cities and do not require a license.

Some motorcycles blur the lines. For example, Aventon’s popular Pace 500 is technically a Class 3 e-bike because it can reach speeds of up to 28 mph, but it also has a throttle that can reach speeds of up to 20 mph.

Two E-Bike Terms You Should Know

The Best Electric Bikes


Torque, measured in newton meters (or Nm), is a rotational measurement of force and the number to pay attention to when determining the output of an e-bike motor. More torque means more power off the line and more pep in your step. The more torque required by the bike, the heavier it is. Lighter road bikes typically have 30 to 40Nm of torque, while trailing and cargo bikes have at least 80Nm and most commuter bikes fall somewhere in the middle.

Locking Battery:

As the number of the Best Electric Bikes options grows, brands are integrating the batteries more seamlessly, making the bike look sleeker (and more like a real bike). Most batteries lock to the Best Electric Bikes and come with a key that allows you to unlock and remove them, which serves several purposes: A lock battery deters (and hopefully prevents) a thief from stealing it, and an the Best Electric Bikes with the battery removed is safer to haul on a bike rack and lighter to carry up steps.

Other E-Bike Features to Consider

The Best Electric Bikes

Battery Locking:

As the number of the Best Electric Bikes options grows, manufacturers are integrating batteries more seamlessly, making the bike appear sleeker (and more like a real bike). Most batteries lock to the bike and come with a key that allows you to unlock and remove them, which serves several functions: A locked battery deters (and hopefully prevents) a thief from stealing it, and an the Best Electric Bikeswith the battery removed is safer for hauling on a bike rack and lighter for carrying up steps.

Integrated Lights:

Some e-bikes include an integrated lighting system that activates when the bike is powered on. While this is a fantastic feature to have, it is not a deal breaker if your bike does not have it. With so many great bike lights available, attaching your own is just as simple.

Wider Tires:

Because the Best Electric Bikes can maintain higher speeds for longer periods of time than traditional bikes, you need more control. Wider tires provide better traction and allow you to leave the pavement without penalty, and a suspension fork will help you navigate some of the rougher roads you may encounter. Good disc brakes are also require for slowing down a heavy bike at high speeds. This is not the place to cut corners.

How We Experimented

The Best Electric Bikes

Each model was evaluate by our team of experienced bike testers based on its overall quality, safety features, handling, motor, battery life, and whether the components and features add to the overall quality of the ride. We put the majority of these bikes through their paces by riding them to and from work, stocking up on groceries and beer, and draining their batteries to see how long they could go on a single charge.

Best Overall E-Bike

Aventon Level.2

Power: 500W | Weight: 59.8 lb. | Top speed: 28 mph

The Best Electric Bikes


  • Outstanding performance and value.
  • The torque sensor, lights, and LCD head unit are all new.
  • Rack, fenders and hydraulic disc brakes are included.

Aventon improve its popular Level the Best Electric Bikes with a smoother ride and increased visibility. A new torque sensor distributes power more evenly to the rear hub motor than the previous generation bike. When riding, the Level.2 feels more natural and intuitive.

One of our favorite commuter the Best Electric Bikes are improving with the addition of integrated lights and a smaller, easier-to-use display. In our testing, the Level.2 outperformed expectations in every situation. The Aventon Level.2 remains the best commuter e-bike under $2,000, as well as one of the best commuter bikes overall. The platform updates improve an already excellent bike.

Best Fat Tire E-Bike

Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus

Power: 80Nm | Weight: 74 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

The Best Electric Bikes


  • Weight
  • Rack not included


  • Weight
  • Rack not included

Rad Power has created a fat tire the Best Electric Bikes that is comfortable to ride on almost any terrain, from city streets riddle with potholes to off-road paths riddled with rocks or snow. The RadRover 6 Plus rides significantly better than its predecessor thanks to an updated display and hydraulic disc brakes. The bike’s extreme weight can make it feel sluggish at times, making getting it up and down stairs difficult. The RadRover’s powerful 750w rear hub motor, on the other hand, helps overcome the increased rolling resistance and weight of the four-inch-wide tires.

Best Commuter E-Bike

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ

Power: 40Nm | Weight: 38 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

The Best Electric Bikes


  • The style is distinct.
  • Herrman’s front and rear lights are lightweight.


  • 250Wh battery

We like the Treadwell because of its clean lines and upright riding position. Cannondale’s Treadwell models are unique, practical bikes for city commuting or riding around town. They’re not quite a hybrid, but they’re also not a foot-forward style cruiser. The Treadwell Neo 2 EQ has much-needed commuting features like fenders, high-quality front and rear lights, and a rack without adding much weight.

This results in a lighter, faster-riding bike at a lower cost. A Class 1 rear hub motor provides up to 20 mph of pedal-assisted power to the Treadwell. The 8-speed drivetrain and wide-range cassette aid in climbing longer hills, while the Maxxis 650b tires roll quickly on pavement.

Best Cheap Folding E-Bike

Lectric XP 2.0

Power: 500W | Weight: 65 lb. | Top speed: 28 mph

The Best Electric Bikes


  • Folds flat for easy storage


  • Heavy

The XP 2.0’s folded dimensions of 37″ x 18″ x 28″ allow it to store in places where non-folding the Best Electric Bikes cannot. The 500-watt hub motor powere by an integrated battery hidden in the frame. This allows for a claimed range of 45 miles. A seven-speed drivetrain provides gearing for varied terrain, and throttle allows you to travel without pedaling. It has a suspension fork and a large and legible LCD screen. The bike is shipping as a Class 2 e-bike, but it can upgrade to a Class 3 e-bike, increasing its top speed to 28mph.

Best Price Mid-Motor E-Bike

Ride1Up Prodigy ST

Power: 90Nm | Weight: 50 lb. | Top speed: 28 mph

The Best Electric Bikes


  • Attractive mid-mount Brose motor.
  • Excellent construction kit.
  • Frame options include step-through (ST) and standard (XR).


  • There is only one size available.

The motor’s central location helps to balance the weight of the bike from front to back, making it easier to ride and control. They are also easier to service because the rear wheel can remove, just like a non-assist bike.

significant disadvantage of mid-drive motor the Best Electric Bikesis their high cost; they frequently cost twice as much as similarly equipp hub motor bikes.Ride1Up, on the other hand, built the Prodigy ST for less than many hub-drive bikes, with the great Brose mid-drive motor, a smart component package, rack, fenders, and lights. The class-3 Prodigy has pedal assist up to 28 mph, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, and a 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain to help you get up hills.

Hot E-Bike Deal

Rad Power RadMission

Power: 500W | Weight: 49.4 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

Hot E-Bike Deal


  • Great price!
  • Singlespeed for simplicity.

The admission is a no-frills, stylish, and reasonably light (for the price) best Electric Bikes that will get you where you need to go in comfort. It’s ideal for getting around town or commuting. Aside from integrated lights and a bell, the admission is relatively simple, which helps to keep the price low while also providing an uncluttered aesthetic.

Best Cheap E-Bike

Aventon Pace 350 Step-Thru

Power: 350W | Weight: 49 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

Best Cheap E-Bike


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Frame upgrade with integrated battery.
  • Brake light integrated.


  • There are only black and white color options.

It has a maximum pedal-assist speed of 20 mph and a thumb-controlled throttle as a Class 2 e-bike. The Pace 350 rides on 27.5 x 2.2-inch e-bike tires and comes to a stop with mechanical disc brakes. A Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and five levels of pedal assist give you plenty of options. The Pace 350 lacks fenders and integrated racks, but it felt adequate for daily commuting. If you don’t like the step-through frame, Aventon also has a Pace 350 standard frame model for the same price.

Best Utility E-Bike

Rad Power RadRunner

Power: 80Nm | Weight: 65 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

Best Utility E-Bike

The step-through, moped-style frame has mounts for front and rear racks (which can hold baskets, bags, insulated bags, platforms, panniers, and other accessories), and you can also add a center console for additional storage (the battery is mounted behind the seat tube to free up space for it). A double kickstand keeps it upright so you can load all that cargo without worrying about the bike tipping over, and an integrated taillight illuminates when you hit the brakes.

Best Carry-All E-Bike

Benno Boost Performance

Power: 65Nm | Weight: 59 lb. | Top speed: 20 mph

Best Carry-All E-Bike


  • Two Yepp child seats can be stored in the rear rack.
  • Color options are available.
  • A second battery (optional) doubles your range.

The Bicycling staff loves the Boost so much that they use it for commuting, grocery runs, and carrying kids around town on a regular basis. We’ve seen people transporting everything from dogs to surfboards to camping gear on their Benno Boosts. The Bosch Performance motor in the Boost provides up to 20mph of pedal assistance.

You can haul up to 130 pounds on the rear rack and 45 pounds on the front, and the Boost is compatible with a plethora of useful accessories, such as a variety of front trays, Yepp baby seats (for two), and various rail systems for your children to hold onto. A Bosch Powerpack 400Wh battery sits neatly on the frame and provides up to 75 miles of riding range a range that can double with a second battery.

Best Equipped City E-Bike

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

Power: 70Nm | Weight: 57.5 lb. | Top speed: 28 mph

Best Equipped City E-Bike


  • Extremely useful and well-thought-out.
  • The motor has a strong, smooth, and natural feel to it.
  • Standard features include metal fenders, a rack, and lights.

The brand devotes a significant amount of development time to its Turbo series the Best Electric Bikes, fine-tuning the motor tune and carefully selecting parts. This effort is rewarding with best-in-class ride quality. If you’ve been hesitant to try an the Best Electric Bikes because you fear it won’t feel like your favorite non-assist bike, try a Specialized Turbo and you’ll be a convert in no time.

Best Beach Cruiser E-Bike

Schwinn Mendocino 2 Step-Thru


Best Beach Cruiser E-Bike


  • Frame with a step-through design
  • Rear rack integrated
  • Disc brakes on both the front and rear axles


  • Messy cables Controller is deficient in features

Schwinn has been synonymous with beach cruiser bikes for decades and is an iconic American brand. Schwinn equipped the Mendocino with a 250W rear hub motor and a 313Wh rack-mounted battery to create this Class 2 e-bike. The aluminum step-through frame of the Mendocino makes getting on and off the bike easier, and the disc brakes provide dependable all-weather stopping power. The 55-pound capacity rear rack is ideal for hauling groceries or running errands, and the color-matched fenders look great and keep road spray off your clothes. The Mendocino has a 6-speed drivetrain with a twist shifter and a throttle controlled by the thumb.

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