The best portable printer in 2022: Sharing photos

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The best portable printer

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Use the best wireless and the best portable printer on the market today to share prints from your smartphone albums with friends.

The best portable printer: You can provide people with a permanent keepsake by using the best portable printer. While this does incur some cost printing packs can be costly if used frequently the printers themselves are usually quite affordable. Of course, their small size distinguishes them from the best photo printers and all-in-one printers, and they’re even smaller than the best compact printers .

You might prefer the best iPhone printer (opens in new tab) for printing directly from your smartphone, or The best portable printer (opens in new tab) – which skip the printing step entirely!

  • Zink photo paper: Also known as zero-ink photo paper, this is the most affordable. The quality isn’t the best, but they get the job done and are relatively damage-resistant.
  • Dye-sublimation: This technique, also known as ‘dye-sub,’ uses heat to transfer dye to the printing material. The print quality is superior to that of Zink printers.
  • Instant film: Do you know what kind of instant film I need?

Some portable printers make use of the same film that is used in instant cameras. The formats are frequently quite small (Instax, for example), and the costs can quickly escalate.

Best smartphone portable printers in 2022

Canon SELPHY Square QX10

The best portable printer
SPECIFICATIONSPaper type: Canon sticker paper (dye-sub)
Approx paper cost: $14.99/£14.99 for 20 sheets (about 75c / 75p per print)
Print size: 2.8 x 3.3 inch / 7.2 x 8.5cm
Image size: 2.7 x 2.7 inch / 6.8 x 6.8cm
Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi
Printer weight: 445g (without ribbon or paper)
Compatibility: iOS/Android
REASONS TO PURCHASEExcellent print quality
Long-lasting prints
Compact size
AVOIDANCE REASONSPrints are relatively expensive.

Instagram has reintroduced the square photo, and the Selphy Square QX10 is the best portable printer for this format. It prints 2.7×2.7 inch (6.8cm x 6.8cm) images that are said to last more than 100 years if properly stored.

They also have a smudge-proof, water-resistant coating. Not bad for something produced in only 43 seconds! The QX10 is also small enough to fit in a handbag, making it ideal for travel and parties, and its prints will look fantastic thanks to its pro-quality dye-sub technology. More information can be found in our Canon Selphy Square QX10 review.

Kodak Mini 2

The best portable printer
SPECIFICATIONSPaper type: Kodak Cartridge Printer Paper & Dye sublimation cartridge
Approx paper cost: £34.99 / $38 for 50 sheets (about 70p / 76c per print)
Print size: 5.33 x 8.63 cm
Connectivity: NFC, Bluetooth
Printer weight: 322g
Compatibility: iOS/Android
REASONS TO PURCHASENFC connectivity is quick, and the quality is excellent.
AVOIDANCE REASONSNFC connectivity is quick, and the quality is excellent.

You can print in seconds by using this printer’s Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities: it’s Bluetooth compatible with both iOS and Android. The prints it produces are excellent, and it makes use of Kodak’s all-in-one ink-and-paper cartridges for convenience and ease of use. It creates images using 4Pass printing technology, also known as dye sublimation, resulting in unrivaled quality. The free app also includes a plethora of editing tools, allowing you to fine-tune and filter your images before printing.

Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer

The best portable printer
Approx paper cost: £12.99 / $12.99 for 30 sheets (about 43p / 43c per print)
Print size: 2 x 3 in (5.08 x 7.62 cm)
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Printer weight: 162g
Compatibility: iOS/Android
REASONS TO PURCHASECheap to buy and run
Multiple color options
Options for pre-print customization
AVOIDANCE REASONSRequires frequent recharging

The Mint Pocket Printer has a long battery life, but it’s worth noting that the battery drains quickly on standby (within a couple of weeks), so if you only use the printer occasionally, you’ll have to get into the habit of remembering to charge it before you use it. As long as this isn’t an issue, you’ll find this to be a fantastically useful portable printer. Using the Polaroid Mint app to make stylish adjustments to your photos, you’ll discover that the printer is not only useful but also enjoyable to use, as a Polaroid should be.

Kodak Step Instant Printer

The best portable printer
SPECIFICATIONSPaper type: Kodak Zink
Approx paper cost: £12.99 / $12.99 for 30 sheets (about 43p / 43c per print)
Print size: 2 x 3 inch / 5.08 x 7.62cm
Image size: 2 x 3 inch / 5.08 x 7.62cm
Connectivity: Bluetooth, micro USB
Printer weight: 453g (without paper)
Compatibility: iOS/Android
REASONS TO PURCHASEUseful app connectivity
Affordably priced
AVOIDANCE REASONSAverage zinc quality
Micro USB port

The Kodak Step printer, not to confuse with the Kodak Step camera, is a quick and easy way to print your smartphone photos. Connect your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, and the Kodak Step Prints app will allow you to quickly edit an image or add borders and stickers.

These prints will not be of the highest quality, but they are inexpensive, simple, and a lot of fun, with Zink paper eliminating the need for messy ink refills. It’s a shame that it only charges via Micro USB, which is less robust than other connection types (as anyone who owned an Android phone a few years ago can attest).

 Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

The best portable printer
SPECIFICATIONSPaper type: Instax Mini Film
Approx paper cost: £14.05 / $15 for 20 sheets (about 70p / 75c per print)
Print size: 2.1 in × 3.4 in / 54 × 86mm
Image size: 1.8 in × 2.4 in / 62x46mm
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Printer weight: 209g
Compatibility: iOS/Android
REASONS TO PURCHASEPrints in 12 seconds and has a resolution of 320 dpi.
AVOIDANCE REASONSSmaller prints are more expensive per sheet.

The Instax Mini Link is a great alternative to using an instant camera for printing photos. It uses the same film as the most popular Instax Mini cameras -but the advantage here is that taking the pictures with your camera phone gives you more control over your results, and you can simply print out the edited highlights of your night out!

You can use the app to add borders, fun overlays, and even combine multiple shots into a montage. The Instax Mini Link is 20% lighter and 23% smaller than the previous Instax SP-2, and it is unquestionably one of the most stylish portable printers on the market. It should be noted that printing on Instax is a little pricey.

Fujifilm instax Mini LiPlay

Film type: Instax Mini
Approximate paper cost: £14.05 / $15 for 20 sheets (about 70p / 75c per print)
Image size: 1.8 in × 2.4 in / 62x46mm
Print size: 2.1 in × 3.4 in / 54 × 86mm
Lens: 28mm f/2
Flash: Built-in
Self-timer: Yes
Viewfinder: LCD screen
Compatibility: iOS/Android
REASONS TO PURCHASEBuilt-in instant camera and printer
Standard Instax Mini film
45-image internal memory
The app does not edit photos

Unlike traditional instant cameras, you can choose which images to print because you can preview them on the screen first. However, it can also use to print pictures from your smartphone (just like other pocket printers). The camera has a 4.9-megapixel sensor, but it can store up to 45 images internally.

HP Sprocket Plus

HP Sprocket Plus
SPECIFICATIONSPaper type: HP ZINK S2 photo paper
Approx paper cost: £10 / $10 for 20 sheets (about 50p / 50c per print)
Print size: 5.8 x 8.6 cm
Image size: 2 x 3 inch / 5 x 7.6cm
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Printer weight: 204g
Compatibility: iOS/Android
Beautiful print quality
Video prints
AVOIDANCE REASONSImages have been cropped slightly.

The HP Sprocket app is simple to use and provides a slew of cool features to make printing more enjoyable. One of the most intriguing is “Embedded Experiences,” which allows you to print a frame from a video and tag it with information about the people in it or the location where it was taken. After that, scan the print with your phone and watch it “come to life” in-app, with the video playing and the metadata displayed. It’s an interesting little feature.

The prints themselves are stunningly high-quality, with lots of detail and vibrant colors. The vivid memories you’ll create with this printer will look fantastic on display, and given that it’s the size of a mobile phone, it’ll be easy to transport.

Kiipix Portable Smartphone Picture Printer

SPECIFICATIONSPaper type: Instax Mini Film
Approx paper cost: £14.05 / $15 for 20 sheets (about 70p / 75c per print)
Print size: 5.33 x 8.63 cm
Printer weight: 404g
No need for a battery
AVOIDANCE REASONSMaximum phone brightness is required.
Makes use of more expensive film

The Kiipix printer is inexpensive and cheerful, and it folds up for easy transportation. Its low asking price makes it more appealing than some of the other printers on this list, but it’s worth noting that it requires the more expensive Instax film to operate, which means it could be more expensive in the long run if you plan to print a lot.

Polaroid Hi–Print 2×3

Polaroid Hi–Print 2x3
SPECIFICATIONSHi-Print Paper is the paper type.
Paper costs approximately £15.99 / $14.84 for 20 sheets (approximately 75p / 70c per print). 2.1 x 3.4 in. print size (54 x 86 mm) Bluetooth connectivity Weight of printer: 255g iOS 12.2+ and Android 7 or newer are required for compatibility.
REASONS TO PURCHASEEasily connects to a smartphone +Simple but effective companion app +Nice and compact design
AVOIDANCE REASONSThere are no Wi-Fi Direct or USB connection options
Prints are small

Overall, this portable printer is fast, convenient, and small. The Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer competes with other mobile photo printers such as the Canon SELPHY Square QX10. It uses dye-sublimation, or ‘dye-sub’ technology, which predates inkjet printing.

As a result, cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes embede on a cartridge-contained ribbon and applied to the paper in three successive passes before a final protective overcoat is applied. As a result, the paper must pass through the printer four times before the final print complete. The Polaroid Hi-Print companion app keeps you updated at every stage of the process, reporting back to your phone screen.

Fujifilm Instax Link Wide

SPECIFICATIONSInstax Wide Instant Film Paper Paper costs approximately £9.99 / $21.99 for 20 sheets (about 99p / 70c per print). Bluetooth, micro USB connectivity, print size: 86mm x 108mm (charging only) Weight of printer: 340g iOS/Android compatibility
REASONS TO PURCHASEGood editing and customization features
QR Code functions are awesome
Quick development time
very simple to use
AVOIDANCE REASONSThe print quality is mediocre.
Lines appeared through some images
The app will automatically crop images
Editing is required for proper exposure

This is a larger version of Fujifilm’s original Instax Mini Link smartphone printer, with fun and creative ways to customize images using templates and emojis. This wireless printer has some great features, including excellent QR code functions, but the image quality is poor and the features aren’t nearly as impressive as those available with the original Instax Link Mini (see number 5 in this guide).

The Fujifilm Instax Link Wide printer is best avoided if you’re looking for professional-quality prints to display, but it would make an excellent gift for photographers who enjoy being creative and having a good time.


Which sprocket printer is the best?

Overall, the HP Sprocket Studio printer is the best in the Sprocket series. The minimal design provides portability that many printers do not, while the smart technology provides excellent printing.

Is it worthwhile to invest in the best portable printer?

Portable photo printers are worthwhile because they can connect to your smartphone or digital camera and edit and print physical images. Based on the size, image quality, printer and paper price, and battery life, I recommend the Instax Mini Link 2 and Kodak Retro 3.

For photo printing, which is better: laser or inkjet?

Inkjet printers are ideal for small, image-heavy documents such as photos and school projects. However, if you need a printer that can handle large volumes of text-based documents, a laser printer is the more efficient and cost-effective option.

Is ink required for portable printers?

Pocket printers are ideal for people who are constantly on the go. There is no need to carry bulky ink cartridges or printer paper with a pocket printer because it prints directly from a mobile device using Bluetooth technology (cell phone, tablet). They are also beneficial to the environment.

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