Best 5 Robot Personal Assistants For Your Home In 2022 [Updated]

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Personal Assistants

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Personal Assistants: We all experience the same level of anguish as we try to keep up with the never-ending list of everyday duties in our houses. However, personal robot helpers may make life more comfortable by assisting you with routine domestic chores. These cute tiny friends have a variety of uses, from teaching to reducing your workload at home by increasing its efficiency. They enhance the smartness and technological advancement of your home and are also incredibly cool.

Particular populations, such as the elderly or the disabled, who require more assistance and support than others, find personal robot helpers to be even more useful. The Assistant Personal Robot (APR) is a remotely controlled robotic platform created for persons with modest cognitive disabilities to offer social and helpful services.

The United Nations and World Health Organization predict that as people live longer, the percentage of adults 60 or older will climb from 12% to 21% over the course of the next 35 years.

As a result, providing care for the elderly will be one of the industries where new technologies must be used, including passive monitoring systems and autonomous and teleoperated robots.

Industrial machinery and robotics have long been commonplace in factories and other commercial enterprises. However, there has been a rise in the number of domestic and personal robots that are intended to assist with household chores in recent years. These domestic robots may be used for a number of tasks, including cleaning, companionship, and even vacuuming.

The foam seal specialist is one sort of industrial robot equipment that has gained appeal in the commercial world. The purpose of these robots is to assist in the sealing of foam goods like insulation and weatherstripping. Roboform offers foam seal professionals that can offer a consistent, uniform seal, helping to raise a home’s energy efficiency.


This post will examine the top 5 best robot personal assistants for your house now on the market.


Personal Assistants:

Aido is One of the most inclusive and intelligent family companion robots on the market right now is named Aido. As a mobile, intelligent, and social family robot of the future, Aido can roam around your house or workplace to enhance your quality of life.

Playing with your children, assisting you with scheduling, projecting movies and useful videos onto walls, serving as a gaming console and entertainment center, managing household chores, monitoring your home via sensors and patrol to keep it safe and secure from intruders as well as invisible air quality issues, and much more are just a few of the things it can do for you. The family robot is made to interact with people in a way that seems as natural and intuitive as possible.

Aidos’ Features

  • Patrol mode aids in keeping your house safe.
  • Temperature, humidity, ambient light, air quality, GPS, noise level, and pressure are just a few of the sensors that keep an eye on your house.
  • creates engaging educational experiences using sound, visuals, and movement
  • manages attached devices
  • Organizes your calendar and to-do list
  • recognizes each family member and modifies preferences as necessary
  • easily navigates across difficult spaces
  • includes a tabletop base that attaches
  • has access to traffic updates
  • Read tales to your children before bed.
  • use Aido’s interactive high-fidelity speakers and HD projector to watch movies and play games.

Alpha 2

Personal Assistants:

Alpha 2 is The first ever humanoid robot, Alpha 2, which is created for useful home assistance and companionship. The Alpha 2 offers cloud services and uses clever speech & perception technologies to understand orders and carry out the requested actions. The robot can simultaneously translate, voice-search, engage visually and narrate reminders.

Incorporating an acceleration sensor, ultrasonic, touch, pressure, and a built-in camera supported by robot visual processing systems, the robot also offers sensor-based interaction. Both the iOS and Android platforms on the robot allow for regular remote connection and control.

Alpha 2s’ Features

  • both voice and face recognition
  • keeps an eye on the security of your house to keep it secure.
  • controls smart devices like lights and thermostats
  • maintain weekly schedules and give spoken reminders for appointments
  • takes photographs of you and records significant occurrences
  • serves as your personal assistant in the office. It will reliably take your calls, read your messages, and respond to your emails.
  • aids in your Internet searches, whether they are for a new recipe or a do-it-yourself activity.
  • translates and interprets words and phrases for you
  • Read and perform bedtime tales for your children.
  • You may direct Alpha to print necessary papers or to email them to another person if you have a computer or printer with Wi-Fi capabilities.


Personal Assistants:

Zenbo is Asus created the adorable personal helper Zenbo. It can communicate with people, interact with household appliances, serve as a self-taught remote, and many other things when linked to the Internet.

In order to communicate with its human owners more effectively, Zenbo travels on three wheels and has a voice and screen. Because the screen is multi-touch, users may engage not only with speech but also with touch. Additionally, Asus has made available a developer program for Zenbo so that programmers may take use of the SDK’s capability and use Zenbo to produce fascinating things.

Zenbos’ Features

  • Moves around the house freely and independently, offering assistance as needed.
  • communicate with linked services, place online orders, and connect to and operate smart home devices.
  • Face recognition, video calling, and remote home monitoring capabilities.
  • provides verbal reminders for things like doctor’s visits and medication schedules.
  • responds to your queries and demands like you would normally.
  • anywhere in the house with music, movies, and picture slideshows, using simple voice commands for control.
  • proactive artificial intelligence that learns from and adjusts to your choices.
  • uses a variety of diverse facial expressions to convey emotions.
  • No matter where they are, respond to crises and alert the family.
  • narrates entertaining interactive tales to occupy children during the day and aid in their relaxation and ability to sleep at night.


Personal Assistants:

A cute house robot named Kuri Kuri can look after your children like a nanny and even keep an eye on your home when you are gone. Its qualities include a necessary balance of amusement, utility, and camaraderie.

Even while it can’t do domestic chores, the 1080p camera makes it simple for it to keep an eye on your children or home. It can also read e-books, play music, listen to podcasts, and remind you to switch off the oven while making lovely faces.

Kuris’ Features

  • reacts to human contact. Kurt will gaze up at you and chirp in agreement when you give him a light touch on the head.
  • captures photos and movies in 1080p HD in a variety of lighting situations. It is capable of live streaming. monitoring your home while you are gone.
  • Four sensitive microphones that allow him to accurately pinpoint noises are included.
  • when you give him a vocal command, recognizes your voice and turns to face you.
  • transmits a feeling of mood
  • plays audiobooks and music
  • has mapping sensors to independently navigate your home.
  • automatically takes a power sleep in the middle of activities or when their energy is running low.


Personal Assistants:

Buddy is a Blue Frog Robotics social robot and home aide. An open-source robot that runs on Android and Unity 3D software may assist the family with everyday duties, guard the house, amuse the kids, and communicate with the smart connected gadgets in your house. BUDDY enables you to keep in touch with loved ones, manage a playlist, and function as your personal assistant among many other things.

It features several sensors that work together to give different functionality. A camera, ultrasonic, infrared, thermal, range-finder, temperature, and ground detectors are a few of these sensors. A microphone, an audio output, and other inputs and outputs speakers, too. He is controlled with an 8-inch tablet that serves as both his face and an interface. The tablet features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, 16 GB of local data storage, and an 8–10 hour battery life.


  • When you’re away, they watch after your house. It can notify you of fires, burglaries, or other odd situations.
  • Hub for smart homes that may be operated remotely or by voice
  • Control connected devices with one hand, including lights, roller shades, outlets, and thermostats
  • Works as a personal assistant and has the ability to establish agendas, timers, memos, and reminders.
  • Follows you when making a video call; great for talking to friends and family.
  • provides companionship and assistance with daily tasks for those who are younger, older, or less mobile in order to take care of them.
  • provides educational games for counting, narrative, memorization, and programming.
  • delivers messages sent through “MyBUDDYApp” to family members by playing or reading them.
  • provides entertaining online games and beloved childhood games: “Find Color,” “Move your Body,” “Play Dance,” “Catch me,” and “Red Light – Green Light,”.

Frequently Asked Questions

A robotic assistant is what?

The robotic helper is capable of carrying out a variety of motions, including turns, start/stop actions, and picking up objects from one place and putting them in another. Through a number of trials, the efficacy of voice instructions issued over the network is determined.

What is the price of a personal robot?

Today at IFA, the personal robot Temi made a debut along with the announcement that it will be available globally on October 1 for the confirmed price of US$1,500. Its creators refer to it as the first really practical personal robot.

What is the name of a female robot?

Gynoids are gendered feminine humanoid robots. They frequently show up in science fiction movies and artwork. Although some media have also referred to them as robots, cyber dolls, “skin-jobs,” or Replicants, they are also known as female androids, female robots, or fembots.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of robots?

Robots can boost output, effectiveness, product uniformity, and quality in a variety of circumstances: Robots, unlike people, never get bored. They may repeatedly do the same action until they become exhausted. They can achieve accuracy down to fractions of an inch, which is necessary for producing microelectronics, for instance.

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