6 Chrome Extensions to Prevent Tracking by Websites

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Prevent Tracking by Websites

Prevent Tracking by Websites

Sometimes websites that you are browsing collect and monitor your browsing behavior. It may violate your privacy also. To prevent tracking by websites, you can install privacy-focused extensions. They will help you by blocking cookies and tracking techniques. And also these tools can make your browser faster and gives you security features like data encryption. In this tutorial we’re going to discuss about 6 free Chrome extensions to prevent tracking by websites. They are free and some of them also have paid plans. They will free more resources and you can use them in secondary browsers like Opera and Edge.

1. Privacy Badger

Prevent Tracking by Websites

This extension focus on blocking scripts and tracking techniques that websites use to map users’ browsing habits. This tool works automatically. You can also control the way Privacy Badger works. You can turn it off for some specific page and ends it working on those sites.

2. Ghostery

Ghostery works as the similar way of Privacy Badger works. It is not only for chrome but also for other browsers. This tool prevent the tracking of your Internet habits by sites that you are visiting. And also it make navigation faster and more efficiently. It detects cookies that created by pages and blocks their action. Those are the basic actions of Ghostery. Beside them it gives more benefits.

This plugin clearly display which companies, sites and entities are trying to monitor your behavior. it gives a didactic interface. It will clearly say the different ways of tracking.

3. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus mainly focuses on blocking advertisements. It gives functions to prevent the tracking of user behavior on the Internet. It gives controlling access to Internet addresses that associated with malware distribution also. This tool generate extra protection and block the social network sharing buttons. They can generate data that are sent to the networks regarding the pages that you visit, without being clicked on them.

4. Blur

This tool also helps to prevent tracking by websites of your internet habits. It also focus on protecting the data that you share with the pages. It makes browsing safer by using powerful encryption techniques. It sends protected versions of personal information like credit card data and passwords to websites. This is one of complete tool and using it you can prevent tracking by both cookies and also scripts. If the site you visited would be hacked, your data cannot be detected by attackers.

5. Disconnect

This extension can be used in both chrome and other browsers. This tool also helps to prevent tracking by websites. There are free and paid versions. Free version block tracking techniques and identify who is behind the practice. In the paid version of Disconnect, it offers the reinforcement of an own VPN. And also it offers a monitoring panel of all trackers which you have blocked for a cost of $50 per year. Monitoring is not always noticeable. Therefore the ability of finding the trackers of the sites that you access is more useful.

6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

All above extensions helps to prevent tracking by websites by blocking their tracking techniques. Hotspot Shield offers many more functions than them. It gives a free VPN service with 500 MB of a daily limit.  

Anyone can subscribe to this service to get unlimited VPN and many additional functions like use on five devices and encryption within a cost of $11.99 per month. Before directing browser to the page that you are visiting, VPN works as an intermediate point to connect you to a service’s own serve. This makes it appear that your request is located elsewhere in the world under a different IP address than the destination site. It makes difficult to tracking your behavior. You can prevent tracking by websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view Chrome extensions on Android?

To manage the extensions on the Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Next select Extensions and get access a catalog of installed extensions. You can update, disable or remove them within a few steps. Your Chrome browser extensions need to install on Android. But keep remember that there’s no guarantee that all of extensions will work.

Is it normal for websites to track?

It’s also called as browser tracking, web tracking, digital tracking and data tracking. Web tracking means how websites study our behavior on their sites. And it’s a common thing. More than 79 percent of websites do that.

Why are there trackers on websites?

They track on your browsing habits. They keep records about what websites you visit, what you purchase, what ads you tend to click on and how long you visit for. Those records help to build an advertising profile of yours. Almost every website track on your behavior. You can use browser extensions to prevent them.

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